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Scout – Instant HL7 Wire Data and Analytics

Scout – Systems Integration Simplified. Instant HL7 Data and Analytics.

Scout is a plug and play device giving you instant access to HL7 wire data traversing your network.

Some of your challenges may be:

  • Need to access network data and no way to capture automatically and reliably?
  • Are you tired of adding test interfaces to your production interface engine, adding unnecessary load and instability?
  • Do you have a data migration project and don’t want to disrupt your production interfaces?
  • Have an under documented interface engine and would like to know what’s going on?
  • Unable to reconfigure legacy software to redirect available data?
  • Would you like to audit your integration environment and don’t want to deal with gobs of log files?
  • Do you have a need to add your HL7 data to your BI or analytics tool?
  • Project resources unavailable for an interface project?
  • Need to send data securely without the need for a VPN without interrupting or changing production systems?

You have used Wireshark, tcpflow, tcpdump and other network capture tools and realize how powerful they really are.

You’ve probably also hit limitations, instability, bugs and a long, steep learning curve.

Yes, you finally have your hands on the data you need but what can you do with it?  —  not much easily or scaling to large volumes is not possible.

With Scout, you have the power to access wire data and use it to forward to MLLP HL7 interfaces, interface engines, files, databases, MongoDB, analytics tools, etc. Easily and quickly.

Our solution, Scout:

  • Small-footprint interface engine, fast and easy to deploy
  • Reconfiguration of existing production systems and interfaces not required
  • Plug Scout into your network switch and redirect data from ports you’re interested in capturing
  • Scout captures data on the wire and routes based on content
  • Within minutes, you are able feed analytics, billing, testing, validation, and other systems

Applications and uses:

  • Troubleshoot HL7/MLLP and, soon, other protocols
  • Feed analytics tools like Splunk, Graylog, Tableau, Qlik
  • Funnel wire data to your existing interface engine, RCM or billing systems
  • Validation and conformance checking and reporting
  • Redaction and test system loading

For Scout pricing and information on our Quickstart Connect program, contact sales at (541) 488-6820 x2 or use our contact form.

Very soon, we’ll have case studies available. In the meantime, contact us and we’ll provide you with case studies of data capture in a McKesson Paragon NTIER environment as well as an Orion Rhapsody interface engine migration and retirement.