How We Started

Shasta Networks started in 2000 as an IT consultancy specializing in building networks, servers and software based on Open Source technology to local Rogue Valley healthcare providers including hospitals, clinics and audiologists from the picturesque town of Ashland, Oregon, halfway between Silicon Valley and Silicon Forest.

A couple years later, we joined forces with a Virginia firm to build healthcare’s first Open Source interface engine, JEngine, focused on the bottom line of customer happiness and simplifying the magic of integration. Shortly thereafter, we blazed into hospitals with the industry’s first integration appliance and managed integration services, then moved this expertise to pathology, radiology and service providers.

The Shasta Networks Difference

We have always been a unique integration company and, in the last 5 years, we’ve listened to our customers’ needs to create innovative solutions.

Innovative solutions and commitment to security

Our wire data capture device, an automated Mirth documentation tool, a DICOM extractor and a cloud-based MU/Public Health reporting gateway.

Many healthcare IT vendors claim to be HIPAA-compliant. Even though this may be true, Shasta Networks has gone beyond compliance claims and gained HITRUST CSF certification in 2018. Our customer’s trust in our technical competence and commitment to security is well-placed.

Dedication to our customers’ satisfaction and a commitment to excellence

We’ve built thousands of interfaces over the years and developed really cool, creative and timely solutions along the way. We’ve pushed the boundary of technology as well as service, supported our customers through various versions of HL7 and journeyed with them into the land of the HIS, EMR and EHR. One constant throughout is our dedication to our customers’ satisfaction and commitment to excellence.

Who We Are Now

Today, Shasta Networks is a rock-star team of nine engineers and project managers. We mostly recruit in Southern Oregon but our team is distributed in three different locations in the USA. Our team is fueled by the happiness of our customers and consistently hears "You are awesome", "I love you" and "Shasta is our favorite vendor". We are honest, hard-working, diligent and always go the extra mile. We strive to exceed our customers' expectations.                         

Over the years, we’ve developed close, personal and long-lasting relationships with our customers. From the beginning, it’s been in our DNA to listen attentively to our customers and present solutions which solve their specific challenges using best practices and industry standards. As a result, Shasta Networks’ consistent growth has been fueled by word-of-mouth evangelization from our awesome customers and even other vendors we work with.

We enjoy being presented with issues other vendors are unable to solve and quickly roll out solutions so you can be in compliance and comfortably move on to your next challenge. We take on your interoperability burdens so you can focus on your core business. We are always grateful for the opportunities presented.

Please feel free to reach out any time - don’t hesitate to email or call us. We are happy to chat and explore with you.


The Shasta Team


Jacek Zagorski


John SoGood
Director of Technology

IMG-2006 (1).JPG

Adam Callaway
Chief Architect


Matt Libante
Systems & Software Engineer


Andrew Lee
Director of Operations


Elijah Anderson-Justis
Software Engineer


Isaac Stoutenburgh
Integration Engineer

Seann Moser
Integration Engineer

Matt Ruggiero
Integration Engineer

Liam Murphy
Sysops Intern

Kaitie Warner
Project Analyst

Open Position - Please Apply
Technical Support Engineer

Where We Are Headed

Shasta Networks’ future is bright and we look forward to the next stage in our development as a company. Shasta will continue to support legacy HL7. We don’t see version 2.x going away anytime soon whether it’s in a hospital, lab or a public health setting.

We will continue to support and develop web services and APIs including FHIR. FHIR is promising and will continue to gain momentum in the industry. HL7 promised interoperability but FHIR promises open interoperability with minimal barriers to data exchange. Health data is not owned by vendors or healthcare providers - the next evolution of interoperability is the deconstruction of impenetrable data silos and FHIR is leading the way.

Shasta Networks has developed various technologies which we use internally to automate and make our lives more pleasant. Our customers have asked us to share some of our tools and we have. We will be commercializing these tools by unveiling universal plug-n-play products which ensure messaging compliance, enable continuous integration and increase visibility and analysis of your integration environment.

Give us a call to chat about your challenges or ideas. We’d love to listen and see if we can help.