Eliminate the Headaches of Healthcare Integration

Our HITRUST CSF-certified systems integration solutions can simplify your business with a single managed platform, including software and security, all managed by our expert staff.


Hospitals and Clinics

Achieving interoperability may be a priority for you, but you may not know which path to take to get there. Let the Shasta team guide you on your journey toward interoperability. Our team provides detailed directions that let you seamlessly link to internal and external systems and exchange data with HIEs and public health agencies, all with our HL7 interface expertise and guidance.

Blaze the trail to systems integration for your facility.


Clinical Labs

Investing in an HL7 interface engine is essential if you’re looking to expand services and ensure secure messaging. Building point-to-point interfaces using an LIS vendor can be a costly endeavor, though. Our systems integration services help you contain costs while still competing with larger industry players. Plus, our expert staff takes the lead and collaborates with you to quickly build and implement customized integrations.

Find out how we can leverage our HL7 integration expertise for your success.


Radiology Centers

Your radiology workflows are complicated, and your staff needs to be able to rapidly retrieve patient information in today’s ultra-competitive landscape. Without a comprehensive integration strategy in place to securely share this data, your business may be at a disadvantage and not running efficiently. We offer solutions to help you navigate challenging integrations and ensure you’re not left in the proverbial dust of your competitors.

Get more details on how our solutions streamline your processes to give your radiologists quick access to quality patient data .


Service Providers and ISVs

You're in the business of providing crucial software and services to your partners to support clinicians in making important decisions. Whether your client is a staffing or billing and eligibility firm, HIE, independent software vendor or some other enterprise, we’re the go-to group to get you on the trail to prosperity and keep you there. From patient demographics to clinical or billing data, we can help you bridge the gap efficiently.

Find out the role our solutions can play in your journey to streamlined data sharing.