Capture data without compromising production data flows.


Plug the device into the network to quickly discover wire data and decide what to do with it. Production systems are unaffected but data flowing into and out of system can be reused for other purposes. Learn more >


Automatically generate and synchronize documentation.


Visualize complicated channel connections and message flows. Automatically generate documentation based on the latest configuration. Easily view and search for previously hidden information. Learn more >


Connect systems and solve integration challenges.


Healthcare interface engine allows you to build interfaces quickly while adhering to best practices and industry standards. Custom interfaces are supported using plugin libraries and custom Java code.
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Extract ultrasound measurements from DICOM SR Objects and create HL7 messages. Eliminate ongoing, repetitive manual effort by your technologists and radiologists to automatically populate reports.
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Reduce complexity and empower users.


Seamlessly watch over your integration environment (interface engines, ancillary systems, EHRs). View dashboards and drill down into patients, demographics, services, diagnoses to discover patterns you can take action on. Learn more >