Service Providers

Whether you’re a billing or transcription service or a staffing or software firm, reliably exchanging data with healthcare providers helps support their mission of providing quality care to their patients.

Our goal is to streamline this exchange to make it faster and more accurate. The expertise, systems and processes we put in place enable us to understand your unique workflows and provide solutions to problems while abiding by industry standards and employing best practices.


The Shasta Networks Advantage

Benefits for Service Providers


Quicker time to delivery

From billing and transcriptions to reimbursements and more, we’re able to speed up these processes by eliminating the most resource-intensive data exchange projects.

Advanced automation

By automating and streamlining repetitive and time-consuming tasks, we give you the opportunity to focus on core business functions.

Faster growth

The ability to give your attention to other areas of operation often results in a more rapid growth of your business.

Expert support team

Our team is available 24x7 to support you and your clients, meaning you don’t have to add internal resources.


Products and Services for Service Providers


Schumacher Clinical Partners, Louisiana-based ED staffing firm.
Relied on Shasta Networks since 2009 for data acquisition for over 300 hospitals.

Shasta Networks brings great value, support and expertise to our company. When we need an interface built, Shasta develops exactly what we need, quickly. I am constantly reminded of the value they bring us when I consider the costs we would incur if we had to supply the resources to manage this ourselves.
— Jeremy Martin, VP Data Acquisition