Discover and capture data without compromising production data flows


A plug and play device giving you instant access to HL7 wire data traversing your network.

You have probably used Wireshark, tcpflow, tcpdump and other network capture tools and realize how powerful they are in troubleshooting network and messaging issues. And, probably also hit limitations, instability, bugs and a long, steep learning curve.

Yes, you finally have your hands on the data you need but what can you do with it?  — not much easily or scaling to large volumes is not possible.

With DataCapture, you have the power to access wire data and use it to forward to MLLP HL7 interfaces, interface engines, files, databases, JSON destinations, MongoDB, analytics tools, etc. Easily and quickly.

DataCapture allows you to

  • discover data in your environment

  • enable simplified and less labor-intensive migrations of EHRs and interface engines

  • streamline loading of production data into test environments

  • easily load existing analytics platforms

  • Reconfiguration of production systems and interfaces is not required

  • Licensing of additional interface engine or additional interfaces is not required

Issues you may be experiencing where DataCapture could help:

  • Need to capture and replicate data where redirection is not possible

  • Can not add test interface to existing production interface engine

  • Data migration project where real-time network data access is required

  • Lacking documentation for interface engine or ancillary system

  • Legacy software is not easy to change or update

  • Need to audit integration environment but using log files is too cumbersome

  • Need to load BI or analytics with HL7 data

  • Project resources are unavailable for a new interface project

Applications of DataCapture - let your imagination roam:

  • Troubleshoot HL7 protocol between systems exhibiting issues

  • Feed analytics tools like Splunk, Graylog, Tableau, Qlik, Elasticsearch

  • Forward wire data to interface engine, RCM or billing system

  • Forward wire data for validation and conformance checking and reporting

  • Use production data for loading test systems

Quickly and easily deploy DataCapture to get your hands on HL7 data available on your network:

  • plug the appliance into a network switch on two or more dedicated ports

    • One (or more) used to mirror data you’re interested in discovering

    • The other, into a its own dedicated port for communicating with the rest of the network

  • configure the network switch mirror or span port to copy data from your interface engine, EHR or another system you’re interested in discovering data from

  • configure DataCapture into discovery mode and watch the data come in

    • you’ll start to see data on various IP addresses and ports (TCP/IP) and as more data is detected, the collection grows

  • configure DataCapture into forwarding mode to move the captured data to your desired destination

UI with Message Detail Panel expanded for an HL7 ACK

Configuration panel after the run

Configuration panel during the run


Configuring a TCP Forwarding Route to send messages to another system with an Interface Engine

Configuring a File Forwarding Route to write selected streams of messages to file


Streams of inbound HL7 messages discovered by Scout

Scout running a Discover capture to identify streams of HL7 messages being sent to and from the system