DataDirector is Shasta’s original flagship product. Based on the original JEngine, it’s a solid and proven interface engine which has been continuously developed and supported since 2002. It sits at the core of our HITRUST certified managed services. If you’re looking for reliability, security, flexibility and power, DataDirector is your interface engine. Back it up with an expert integration team and 24x7 support and you have a recipe for success whether you’re in charge of a lab, clinic, small hospital or a large network of hospitals and health centers -- we’ve deployed DataDirector in clustered environments with over 600 interfaces. Possibilities are endless.


Product Features

Build interfaces quickly

Adhere to best practices and industry standards

Build custom interfaces easily - if Java supports it, you can build it - custom web services, custom database access, JSON output, etc

Monitor interfaces and trigger alerts on abnormal events


Issues you may be experiencing where DataDirector could help:

  • Experiencing performance issues with current interface engine

  • Lacking in-house integration expertise

  • Need support for custom interfaces and creative solutions

  • Optimize and streamline inefficient workflows

  • Need to consult with team of experts


Applications and deployment examples of DataDirector - let your imagination roam:

  • Interface Engine - hospitals, clinics, labs, radiology centers

  • Public Health Reporting Gateway - Syndromic Surveillance, Immunizations, Reportable Labs, Cancer & Parkinson’s Registries

The benefits of the DataDirector application are many:

  • Expert 24x7 support with managed platform

  • Healthcare-specific features and protocol support

  • Flexible custom interface and protocol development

  • Proven for over 17 years

  • Exchange data with systems, providers, public health, HIEs, registries

  • Fully-featured web UI for configuration and monitoring

  • Ability to set up continuous integration

  • Version control of configuration

Screen Shot 2019-04-18 at 3.09.59 PM.png

View and edit all routes including inbound and outbound connections

Configuring an interface

Queues page to monitor erred and pending messages

Details page of currently active interfaces


Search system logs and review messages that have gone through the engine

View system status