DICOMExtractor automates the extraction of ultrasound measurement data and population of reports. Unlike other industry solutions like Imorgon and GE ViewPoint, DICOMExtractor is easily configured and installed by Shasta’s expert team. Implementation time can be reduced by months over competing products and our outstanding support will keep you running optimally well into the future.


 Benefits of using DICOMExtractor

  • Reduce workload for technologists by eliminating worksheet filling and scanning

  • Reduce workload for radiologists by eliminating measurement dictation from worksheets

  • Decrease delivery time of final reports

  • Eliminate errors and improve accuracy of reports

  • Plug-n-play integration with ultrasound and other devices and dictation systems


What DICOMExtractor does

The design is very simple and effective. We can have you up and running in a short time.

  • Runs a lightweight PACS server which receives DICOM from ultrasound, MRI, mammography and other devices

  • Extracts measurement data (Structured Reports) embedded in DICOM files and maps to HL7

  • Sends HL7 to populate PowerScribe, MModal, Dolbey or other dictation systems

  • HL7 can be customized to properly populate existing templates

clear-cut business case

Sounds great right? Here is the breakdown for an ultrasound use-case at one of our medium-sized imaging clients:

  • 150 ultrasound exams per day

  • 4 minute savings per exam (sonographer and radiologist)

  • Total time savings = 10 hours/day or 2600 hours/year

Please contact us to see how we can help you automate and quickly realize significant savings.