MirthVisualizer assists you in your journey towards better visibility into your environment where access to data, documentation, diagrams and expertise may be lacking. Many people have touched your Mirth environment and not everybody has documented changes or message flows. MirthVisualizer allows you to automatically generate documentation, keep it up-to-date and consistently standardize the output across time and Mirth interface engineer.


Product Features

Visualize complicated channel connections and message flows

Automatically generate documentation based on the latest configuration

Compile local and global code into a single document

Easily search for and find channels and associated code


Get a linked view of your Mirth Channels

  • Download Mirth Visualizer and run the app on your desktop.

  • Specify how your Mirth configuration will be ingested: file or REST over the network

  • Click “Visualize” to process the configuration

  • Download and save the PDF file that is generated by the app

  • Track the versions of documentation in your favorite documentation or ticket system.

  • Send it to your boss so he can see how hard you worked on the comprehensive documentation!

  • Enjoy and repeat the process each time the configuration changes

Common issues where MirthVisualizer could help

  • Having a difficult time tracing how Mirth channels connect to each other

  • Impossible to search Mirth for IP addresses, port numbers or channel names

  • Tedious to compare your test system configuration to your production system

  • Time-consuming to keep configuration changes up-to-date