Consulting Services

Approaching your technology investments with a detailed and sound strategy is integral to the viability of your business in this digital age. Whether you need a proven, full-service resource to augment your current IT staff or take control of technology issues while you focus on other tasks, Shasta Networks ensures your strategies align with your assets and goals. Keep us in your camp, and we’ll show you why we’re the best in the business.


Interface Engine Consulting

Getting a grip on incomplete documentation is not only difficult for analysts busy with actual implementations and creation of work environments, it also makes for extremely inefficient knowledge transfer and troubleshooting. We give you best practice recommendations for system audits and assessments and perform corrective actions, so you’re not exposed to a bevy of inefficiencies, bad practices and redundancy issues. Plus, our interface scoping, design, testing, implementation and go-live support help you maintain a competitive edge.

Data & Interface Engine Migration

Through the use of our Scout solution, we have the gear necessary to effortlessly move production data in real-time - without the need to reconfigure your production system to your new engine for development. Our iterative and automated approach means you’re off the hook from cumbersome log file copying or using external programs to feed data into your new interfaces. We also aid you in developing your filters and transforms and comparing the output of your new system to your production output.

Custom Data Retrieval

We believe creativity is the key to developing custom coding for the extraction of data from non-standard systems or formats. Our custom data retrieval strategies let you automate the ongoing process of deconstructing existing systems, files and/or messages to extract relevant data for any new systems or repositories.

Shasta Networks in Action

Rhapsody Retirement: Our customer’s Orion Rhapsody interface engine was approaching its end of life and an upgrade was not feasible, leaving them with an unsupported engine and legacy code. In just over six months, Shasta Networks was able to bridge the gap and migrate more than 90 channels to their new platform.