High Camp

Ascent High Camp takes the functionality of Base Camp to a whole new level by streamlining communications, enhancing change control, visualizing data flow and more.

High Camp

Ascent High Camp takes the functionality of Base Camp to a whole new level by streamlining communications, enhancing change control, visualizing data flow and more.

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We Chart the Course

High Camp is a great fit for scaling up incrementally, whether you start here or at Base Camp. Its enhanced capabilities unlock new efficiencies in both data flow and workflow. 

  • Centralized access to applicable points of contact within the platform
  • Increased efficiency and flexibility through automation and robust searching capabilities
  • Managed Services that include full-service implementation support (consultation, technical resources, project management, training) plus a range of flexible, scalable options that let you choose how we’ll serve you best, both now and in the future 
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What Awaits You at High Camp

High Camp elevates the power and ingenuity of the core platform with two additional modules: Contact and Explore.


With Contact, users can easily locate contact information for any connection point without leaving the Ascent platform. High Camp’s fully integrated Contact database streamlines communications:

  • Links contacts to each connection point for fast, easy retrieval
  • Interface contacts database for direct messaging and outreach
  • Eliminate the need to sift through past emails or tickets for appropriate points of contact
Shasta Ascent Contact Module Screenshot


Broaden your vantage point with enhanced visibility into Ascent’s backend environment, which provides data flow diagrams, enables automated documentation, allows code comparison, and improves change control:

  • Visualizes connections and message flow to support workflow review and optimization 
  • Stores configuration files daily with searchable PDF and HTML documents to speed up implementations or support rollbacks and replications 
  • Automatically generates documentation based on the latest configuration 
  • Compiles local and global code into a single document – easy to search/find channels and associated code 
  • Git history and version control for easy code comparison with built-in rollback
Shasta Ascent Explore Module Screenshot

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Solutions tailored for your needs

Tap on the tiers below to explore your options with Ascent by Shasta Networks. Our experienced team of consultants can help you determine which starting elevation is right for you.

Base Camp

High Camp


Everything you need, all in one place

From 20 years of experience, innovation and success, we’ve proven to our clients time and again that there is no HIT integration challenge we cannot solve.

Whether we are supporting your needs on or off the Ascent platform, you can count on our amazing team of engineers, project managers, consultants and advisors to help you get where you need to be. See what we mean:


“Jacek and his team at Shasta Networks have been incredible to work with. John and Matt were remarkably helpful in channel development standardization to fit some server logistic changes within our environment on a tight timeline. The team was incredibly responsive and professional, often making suggestions outside the scope of our plan to ensure that we accounted for future changes. All work was well documented and delivered as requested.”

— Tony Sciarini, Interface Engineer, MedQuest Associates (Imaging Centers)