Long-Term Care

Elevate your ability to exchange data securely, accurately and automatically with Shasta Networks.

Long-Term Care

Elevate your ability to exchange data securely, accurately and automatically with Shasta Networks.

The Shasta Networks Advantage

Secure Interoperability & World-Class Support

To keep pace with healthcare transformation and its ever-evolving systems, standards and requirements, both for your organization and your partner organizations, you need an HIT integration team that provides high-end solutions without high-end costs. Shasta Networks leads long-term care organizations to seamless, reliable and secure data exchange across all connection and data types – and that’s just the beginning. 

Much more than a vendor or interface engine, we are the HIT integration partner that will keep your business moving forward on the journey to peak performance. With our scalable, user-friendly innovation, you can interface seamlessly and cost-effectively with your hospital and laboratory partners, public health agencies, billing firms and others. 

To improve safety, collaboration and reporting across the care continuum for your residents – while decreasing time-consuming, manual administrative tasks for your staff – all you need is Shasta Networks.

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Benefits for Long-Term Care Centers

Our long-term care clients love our consultative and collaborative approach, and we love delivering scalable solutions to meet their individual enterprise challenges today, while also proactively preparing for future needs. Through Ascent, our highly innovative interoperability platform, as well as our Custom Solutions and Managed Services, we bring nursing homes and other long-term care facilities a wide range of benefits, including:

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Rock-Solid Security

We are every bit as committed to data security and compliance as you are. Safe, secure interoperability is built into everything we do. You can rest assured that we will maintain and even exceed all measures for HIPAA compliance and other regulatory mandates at every level.

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Seamless Data Exchange

Whether you’re sharing data with an enterprise wide EHR, a physician practice EMR, a laboratory information system, a government portal or any other system, our seamless interfacing solutions deliver top-tier ease and accuracy.

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Expert Managed Services & Support

Our unrivaled integration experience and commitment to service excellence means you can focus on other tasks to better support our organization’s strategic goals. Full implementation support and comprehensive deployment options combine with scalable Managed Services and Integration Advisory Services to ensure the very best client care at every level.

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Comprehensive & Creative Solutions

The technology you need to elevate your business can be complicated to navigate, so we streamline the path for you. Our systems integration solutions dramatically reduce the complexity of developing, testing, deploying and monitoring internal and external interfaces. We also custom engineer new interface solutions with accuracy and agility when needed to meet your unique needs. We welcome and rise to every challenge, and we have a long and proven track record of developing creative solutions for complex interoperability issues.

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Actionable Analytics

From visualizing connections and message flow for workflow review and optimization, to driving better business decisions with easy access to real-time KPI reporting, we deliver unmatched visibility and dashboarding that continuously help light the way forward for your interoperability initiatives.

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Public Health Reporting Gateway

For effortless compliance, automation and accuracy in public health reporting, our Shasta-hosted, fully managed gateway interfaces with various registries to eliminate countless hours of manual data collection and entry. We also make sure your reporting is always compliant with the latest local, state and federal requirements. No matter the endpoint connection type, our Public Health Reporting Gateway has you covered.


“Our staff cannot improve residents’ quality of life by filling out spreadsheets, so automation was the clear answer. With the administrative labor savings, we will achieve full return on our investment with Shasta Networks in a few months – but the ability to keep staff focused on projects that enhance outcomes and experiences, that’s where the real value comes in.”

— Aaron Fields, Chief Information Officer, St. Ann’s Community (Long-Term Care)

Case Study

Like many nursing homes, St. Ann’s Community experienced significant staffing shortages during the COVID-19 pandemic. To protect its workforce and preserve quality of care, St. Ann’s implemented in-house COVID testing – and quickly needed a secure, compliant solution for automatic data collection, integration and transmission to the state public health department.

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The Shasta Difference

Scalable Innovation

Through the innovative simplicity of our Ascent platform, we scale technology, expertise and support at every step in your organization’s journey. Equip your teams to negotiate HIT obstacles quickly and effectively with Shasta Networks.

Core technology

Proven processes

Expert advisors

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