Public Health Reporting

Effortless compliance, automation and accuracy in public health reporting.

Public Health Reporting

Effortless compliance, automation and accuracy in public health reporting.

Fully Compliant Reporting, Made Easy

Powered by Ascent, this Shasta-hosted, fully managed gateway interfaces with a host of registries and streamlines accuracy for reporting with always-up-to-date regulatory compliance. No matter the endpoint connection type, our Public Health Reporting Gateway has you covered.

Make meaningful contributions to public health and safety, as well as research and evidence-based care for cancer and other diseases. Our gateway interfaces seamlessly with various registries for full compliance with mandates and data requirements from local, state and federal agencies anywhere in the United States. 

  • Immunization registries
  • Reportable lab results registries
  • Syndromic surveillance registries
  • Cancer registries
  • Parkinson’s disease registries

And, for your additional public health reporting needs, we will quickly design and develop the interface solution you need. Talk with us today to learn more.

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Save Time & Resources by Eliminating Manual Tasks

An ideal solution for organizations using interface engines that cannot accommodate the required endpoint connection type, our gateway provides precise and consistent reporting. The gateway has built-in tools to support and assist with accurate reporting, and our services include EHR data enrichment to make otherwise incomplete reporting compliant. Best of all, we automate the whole process to virtually eliminate manual data entry, and we stay up to date on ever-changing compliance requirements so you don’t have to.

  • Delivers data mandated for reporting by local, state and federal agencies with ease
  • Ensures compliance with local, state and federal regulations through our proven engineering and expertise
  • Includes our proprietary general-purpose code library to streamline reporting by physicians and staff, enabling them to dedicate more time and focus on patient care

Case Studies

Like many nursing homes, St. Ann’s Community experienced significant staffing shortages during the COVID-19 pandemic. To protect its workforce and preserve quality of care, St. Ann’s implemented in-house COVID testing – and quickly needed a secure, compliant solution for automatic data collection, integration and transmission to the state public health department.

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“Our staff cannot improve residents’ quality of life by filling out spreadsheets, so automation was the clear answer. With the administrative labor savings, we will achieve full return on our investment with Shasta Networks in a few months – but the ability to keep staff focused on projects that enhance outcomes and experiences, that’s where the real value comes in.”

 — Aaron Fields, Chief Information Officer, St. Ann’s Community