Radiology Centers

Drive meaningful integration that supports better, faster patient care with Shasta Networks. 

Radiology Centers

Drive meaningful integration that supports better, faster patient care with Shasta Networks. 

The Shasta Networks Advantage

Peak Automation & Integration

Your radiology/imaging center plays an essential role in the effort to improve patient outcomes and advance personalized healthcare. We understand the impact your radiology team makes when it is well equipped to quickly and accurately perform readings and share results, and we deliver scalable, state-of-the-art solutions to exchange data in ways that elevate your business above the competition.

Whether you are seeking additional HL7 data to complement your PACS modality worklist, improve the interoperability of your RIS, achieve leaner workflow through automation or all of the above, our team of HIT integration experts will meet you where you are now and take you where you want to go. From day one on your journey to peak performance, we work closely with you to streamline your workflows and ensure you achieve regulatory compliance every step of the way.

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Custom-Designed Radiology Solutions

Built for and with our radiology center clients to deliver many operational and financial benefits, our expertly designed Radiology Automation solution substantially reduces technologist workloads, enables faster turnaround for reports, decreases risk of human error, and helps assure all necessary measurements are captured for maximum reimbursement. Ideal for facilities that use offsite radiologists or rely heavily on manual technologist tasks, Radiology Automation eliminates the need to input measurements manually and scan or submit them for translation.

Benefits for Radiology Centers

Our radiology clients love our consultative and collaborative approach, and we love delivering scalable solutions to meet their individual challenges today, while also proactively preparing for future needs. Through Ascent, our highly innovative interoperability platform, as well as our Custom Solutions and Managed Services, we bring radiology centers a wide range of benefits, including:

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Eliminate Point-to-Point Interfaces

Custom built to ensure we go far beyond standard interface engines, our proven Ascent platform eliminates the need for costly, inefficient point-to-point RIS and PACS interfaces. Gain visibility, flexibility and accountability into your interfaces by replacing point-to-point with Ascent.

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Simplified Integration & Rock-Solid Security

We build an interface from each system to the Ascent platform itself, which means simpler, more streamlined interface management for you. We have an unwavering commitment to data security and compliance, so you can rest assured that we will maintain and even exceed all measures for HIPAA compliance and other regulatory mandates at every level.

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Flexible Routing & Enhanced RIS/PACS Performance

Our Ascent platform allows for easily updatable rules to duplicate, transform or route patient demographics, orders and results to systems connected to it. The highly innovative, specialized technology that fuels Ascent will also boost the efficiency and interoperability of your RIS, whether it is FUJI, Merge, GE Healthcare, Novarad or Philips.

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Actionable Analytics

Quick but comprehensive data analysis is essential for radiology centers, and we give you tools to unlock actionable intelligence through interface analytics and reporting. From visualizing connections and message flow for workflow review and optimization, to driving better business decisions with easy access to real-time KPI reporting, we deliver unmatched visibility and dashboarding for better decisions and day-to-day data exchanges.

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Expert Managed Services & Support

Our unrivaled interface experience and commitment to service excellence mean you can focus on other tasks that need your attention, without having to bring in additional employees or provide technical support for the users on the other end of your interfaces. Full implementation support and comprehensive deployment options combine with scalable Managed Services and Integration Advisory Services to ensure the very best client care at every level. 

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Comprehensive & Creative Solutions

The technology you need to elevate your business can be complicated to navigate, so we streamline the path for you. Our systems integration solutions dramatically reduce the complexity of developing, testing, deploying and monitoring internal and external interfaces. We also can custom-engineer new interface solutions with accuracy and agility to meet your unique needs. We welcome and rise to every challenge, and we have a long and proven track record of developing creative solutions for complex interoperability issues.


“Jacek and his team at Shasta Networks have been incredible to work with. John and Matt were remarkably helpful in channel development standardization to fit some server logistic changes within our environment on a tight timeline. The team was incredibly responsive and professional, often making suggestions outside the scope of our plan to ensure that we accounted for future changes. All work was well documented and delivered as requested.”

— Tony Sciarini, Interface Engineer, MedQuest Associates (Imaging Centers)

The Shasta Difference

Scalable Innovation

Through the innovative simplicity of our Ascent platform, we scale technology, expertise and support at every step in your organization’s journey. Equip your teams to negotiate HIT obstacles quickly and effectively with Shasta Networks.

Core technology

Proven processes

Expert advisors

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