Custom Solutions

Engineering new interface solutions with accuracy and agility to meet your needs.

Custom Solutions

Engineering new interface solutions with accuracy and agility to meet your needs.

Simplifying Integration for 20+ Years

Shasta Networks is a unique integration company because we are great listeners and even better partners who want to support your every HIT interfacing need. Our clients consider us the premier source for innovative solutions.

We love a challenge – and we will rise to it every time. We have built thousands of interfaces over the years and developed many creative solutions along the way. We push the boundaries of technology and service to bring you new channels of efficiency and collaboration in healthcare.

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Radiology Automation

As a powerful example of Shasta Networks’ customization capabilities, we built Radiology Automation to streamline radiology workflows, enhance patient safety, and accelerate the path to accurate reports and diagnoses. Ideal for facilities that use offsite radiologists or rely heavily on manual technologist tasks, Radiology Automation is game-changing innovation:

  • Includes a lightweight PACS server that complements the Ascent platform 
  • Automatically extracts measurements from DICOM SR objects, delivering HL7 messages and/or worksheets to accommodate a variety of workflows

By eliminating the need to manually input measurements from ultrasounds, MRIs, sonographs, etc. and scan or submit them for translation, Radiology Automation delivers many benefits, from operational to financial:

  • Reduces workload for technologists, sonographers and radiologists
  • Decreases delivery time of final reports
  • Removes risk of human error, improving report accuracy and increasing patient safety
  • Helps assure all necessary measurements are captured to ensure maximum reimbursement

“Jacek and his team at Shasta Networks have been incredible to work with. John and Matt were remarkably helpful in channel development standardization to fit some server logistic changes within our environment on a tight timeline. The team was incredibly responsive and professional, often making suggestions outside the scope of our plan to ensure that we accounted for future changes. All work was well documented and delivered as requested.”

— Tony Sciarini, Interface Engineer, MedQuest Associates (Imaging Centers)

Limitless Innovation

Our customization capabilities don’t stop with creating new solutions – we are also experts at making modifications that ensure our solutions work for a far-reaching variety of use cases. Visit our Public Health Reporting page for a case study highlighting how we modify solutions to meet unique business needs.