Ascent Platform

A uniquely complete and versatile platform, Ascent empowers your team with countless advantages of proven HIT interoperability, automation, data flow visualization, performance dashboards and more.

Ascent Platform

A uniquely complete and versatile platform, Ascent empowers your team with countless advantages of proven HIT interoperability, automation, data flow visualization, performance dashboards and more.

Scalable innovation for

Seamless Integration

Built for and with our clients to ensure we go far beyond standard interface engines, our proven Ascent platform solves complex challenges and provides industry-leading support. Empowering users with a variety of modules to eliminate or minimize interoperability challenges, Ascent streamlines processes and breaks down barriers for heightened integration in healthcare. 

  • Robust interoperability for seamless integration with systems, providers, partners, agencies, exchanges and registries 
  • Reduced risk and improved compliance with role-based access control across all modules
  • Automated workflows and optimized data flows, all on a single, secure and fully compliant platform
  • Enhanced visualization for everything from connectivity and data flow to executive dashboards
  • Versatility for continuous expansion and user-driven functionality development
  • Hosted and managed by Shasta Networks or by you, or a combination of both – it’s your call, and we’re happy to advise
A clinician in scrubs using a mobile tablet with artwork indicating how the data come to life

Tiers of Functionality

The road to healthcare transformation is a diverse terrain, and no two journeys are identical. With three tiers of functionality, Ascent is designed to meet you where you are and equip you with scalable innovation that supports your growing and changing needs over time.


Base Camp

The baseline functionality and support services you need to quickly and easily connect systems and solve interoperability challenges.


High Camp

Enhanced functionality to elevate the effectiveness of the core platform and support services.



Our most advanced functionality to maximize the full value of the core platform and support services.

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Solutions tailored for your needs

Tap on the tiers below to explore your options with Ascent by Shasta Networks. Our experienced team of consultants can help determine which starting elevation is right for you.

Base Camp

High Camp


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Case Studies

 You are here because you’re searching for an HIT partner you can trust on every level. We understand the importance of your search and want to provide a helpful guiding light wherever we can. That’s why we are building a collection of illuminating case studies to highlight the many ways we can deliver the Shasta promise to you.

Shasta Networks Leads Cerner EHR Integration for Northern Inyo Healthcare District

As a key provider of health services in Inyo County, Calif., Northern Inyo Healthcare District requires state-of-the-art technology to stay on pace with the evolution of the industry and provide excellent patient service. For its conversion to Cerner CommunityWorks, NIHD turned to long-time partner Shasta Networks and its Ascent Summit Platform to complete their third EHR transition together since 2003.

A Radiologist Viewing Bran Imaging

St. Ann’s Community

Like many nursing homes, St. Ann’s Community experienced significant staffing shortages during the COVID-19 pandemic. To protect its workforce and preserve quality of care, they implemented in-house COVID testing – and quickly needed a secure, compliant solution for automatic data collection, integration and transmission to the state public health department.

A woman in scrubs interacting with a nursing home patient

“Shasta Networks has provided us with a very cost-effective, full-service solution that allows us to meet the requests of our customers to have test results passed to them electronically. Overall, the solution has been instrumental in enabling us to compete with larger providers.”

— Melissa Sittason, System Manager, Pathology Associates (Laboratory)

“Shasta Networks brings great value, support and expertise to our company. When we need an interface built, Shasta develops exactly what we need, quickly. I am constantly reminded of the value they bring us when I consider the costs we would incur if we had to supply the resources to manage this ourselves.”

— Jeremy Martin, Vice President, Data Acquisition, SCP Health (Physician Staffing)