ePath Cancer Reporting

Automate ePath reporting with complete and accurate data.

Fully Compliant ePath Reporting

Leveraging our experience in health IT systems integration since 2000 and public health reporting since 2014, we began our journey into ePath reporting in 2019. The technology we developed allows you to automate your ePath reports by combining multiple data sources for complete and accurate uploads to cancer registries.

Here’s what we offer to help you with your workflow:

  • Complete and accurate demographics integration
  • Pathology reports delivered daily to your registry
  • Automatic identification of reportable cases
  • Compliant with NAACCR standards
  • Compliant with state ePath regulations
  • HIPAA-compliant AWS cloud service
  • Weekly & quarterly reports delivered to your inbox
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Save Time & Resources by Eliminating Manual Tasks

An ideal solution for organizations using error-prone, manual reporting via portals or technology that cannot accommodate the required endpoint connection type, our gateway provides precise, complete and consistent reporting.

The gateway has built-in tools to support to assist with accurate reporting, and our services include message enrichment using EHR data to make otherwise incomplete reporting compliant. Shasta Networks automates the whole process to eliminate manual data entry, and we stay up-to-date with compliance requirements changes so you don’t have to.

Case Study in Automation

Like many nursing homes, St. Ann’s Community experienced significant staffing shortages during the COVID-19 pandemic. To protect its workforce and preserve quality of care, St. Ann’s implemented in-house COVID testing – and quickly needed a secure, compliant solution for automatic data collection, integration and transmission to the state public health department.

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“Our staff cannot improve residents’ quality of life by filling out spreadsheets, so automation was the clear answer. With the administrative labor savings, we will achieve full return on our investment with Shasta Networks in a few months – but the ability to keep staff focused on projects that enhance outcomes and experiences, that’s where the real value comes in.”

 — Aaron Fields, Chief Information Officer, St. Ann’s Community

Interoperability Showcase at HIMSS21

Our presentation showcased the advanced interoperability features of Shasta’s Ascent Platform, highlighting collaborative efforts with esteemed partners such as the CDC, Altarum, and Endosoft. We leveraged our platform to demonstrate our exceptional capability in seamlessly integrating and converting data across various formats, including FHIR, HL7v2, and multiple APIs, underlining our commitment to versatile and efficient data handling.

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