Radiology Centers

Improving patient outcomes is the central goal of healthcare

Radiology centers play an important role in that landscape by accurately and expediently performing readings and sharing results. In order to securely exchange data with partners and rise above competitors, though, you must have the access to state-of-the-art technology and the staff to support it.

Whether you’re seeking additional HL7 data to complement your PACS modality worklist or improve the interoperability of your radiology information system, Shasta Networks has your back. Our team of integration experts will work in close partnership with you to streamline your workflows and enable you to achieve regulatory compliance.


The Shasta Networks Advantage

Benefits for Radiology Centers

Expeditious addition of interfaces

We’re able to quickly and expertly add any interfaces you need to meet the specific demands of your organization and your partners.

Flexible RIS and PACS interfaces

Implementing these interfaces can be costly and time-consuming, but we’re able to use our specialized integration engine to boost the efficiency and interoperability of your RIS, whether it is FUJI, Merge, GE, Novarad or Philips.

Advanced analytics

Quick but comprehensive analysis of data is essential for radiology centers, and we give you the tools to unlock that intelligence through interface analytics and reporting.


Elimination of point-to-point interfaces

Gain visibility and accountability into your interfaces by replacing point-to-point with an interface engine and expert staff. By building a single interface to our engine instead of multiple systems, you’ll enjoy simplified interface development and management.

Flexible routing

Our interface engine allows for easily updatable rules to duplicate, transform or route patient demographics, orders and results to systems connected to it.

Expert support team

Our team is available 24x7 to support you and your clients.


Products and Services for Radiology Centers