Shasta Networks participates in the HIMSS21 Interoperability Showcase – Work, Cancer Care & Streamlined Public Health Reporting demonstration – August 12, 2021

View our recorded demonstration during the HIMSS21 Interoperability Showcase where we featured our interoperability platform, Ascent, in action, leveraging our Validate module 

Work, Cancer Care and , Streamlined Public Health Reporting Slide

to verify data completeness then trigger a data enrichment process to ensure compliance with cancer case reporting. Partnering with the CDC, Altarum, and Endosoft for the demonstration was an absolute pleasure.

“This demonstration shows how the data reporting of a worker in a high-risk-for-cancer job category is diagnosed with and treated for cancer. The use case demonstrates a streamlined approach using real-time interoperability in healthcare and standards-based public health data reporting. The patient Axel smoked one pack of cigarettes per day from ages 16-30. Despite quitting over 20 years ago, due to his work as a welder in the shipyard, the patient presented with symptoms and was referred to the oncologist from his primary physician. After the initial consult, due to his history, his physician recommended lung cancer screening. A low-dose CT of the chest demonstrated a lesion leading to the biopsy to rule out Cancer. The provider sends the sample and order, including biomarker tests, to the pathology lab to rule out Lung Cancer. A pathology report, including biomarker test results, is generated by the pathologist who analyzed the biopsy specimen. The report is sent back to the oncologist. The use of automated triggering and reporting of structured data aims to improve the completeness and quality of the data reported as well as patient outcomes. Learn more. 

Participating Organizations: CDC, Endosoft, Shasta

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